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Will weddings get back to normal in 2021? It sure looks like it!

Amid the gloom of the current post-Christmas lockdown, there is a lot to get excited about for 2021!

Today, the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, has announced a 3-point plan, with the aim of getting all adults vaccinated against Covid-19 by September - the first clear timetable so far.

“The plan is to get the first 15 million most vulnerable people vaccinated with the first dose by the middle of February,” he said. “We then want to get, by early spring, another 17 million. At that point we’ll have 99% of those most at risk of dying of coronavirus administered their first jab, and then the entire adult population we want being offered a first jab by September. That’s the roadmap.”

This means that by the beginning of April 2021, we have every hope and expectation that weddings will begin to get back to normal. However, whether 'full-size' weddings will be able to be held by then is still not 100% certain. This will depend on how transmission rates change following the current lockdown. But with the rollout of the government's vaccination programme, everything is pointing towards a positive year ahead.

If you are planning a wedding for later in 2021, the advice is still go and see your registrar and give notice as soon as you can. Popular dates fill up fast and we are certainly seeing a big increase in inquiries for our photographic services.

If your wedding is in June onwards, you have pretty much nothing to worry about!

You may not be able to leave home to visit venues, but we are always available for a chat over Zoom 😊. We can guide you through what to expect on your big day, and answer any questions you might have about how we operate.

You can check your date here or, for an informal chat with absolutely no obligation to book, choose a time and date that suits you here.

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