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Commercial Photography
in Huddersfield

Paul Walker Photography is not all about weddings, Monday to Friday sees us photographing many different things from cars to food and everything in between.

Below is a list of areas we cover with commercial photography in and around Huddersfield:

  • Product photography: photographs of products, often used in advertising and on e-commerce websites.

  • Food photography: photographs of food, used in advertising and on menus.

  • Fashion photography: photographs of clothing and accessories, used in advertising and editorial content.

  • Architectural photography: photographs of buildings and structures, used in real estate and architectural design.

  • Industrial photography: photographs of machinery, equipment, and other industrial products, used in advertising and technical documentation.

  • Advertising Photography: photographs used in advertising campaigns, such as billboards, magazines, and online ads.

  • Corporate Photography: photographs used for corporate branding, marketing, and public relations.

  • Event photography: photographs of events such as parties, conferences, and performances, used for marketing and documentation.

  • Headshot photography: photographs of individuals, used for business and personal branding, acting and modeling.

  • Drone photography: video footage for various industries including: Developers, building investigations, promo, house sales, branding, marketing, and public relations.


Update in 2023 with new team headshots!

Professional headshots make your business more approachable and real. They allow your staff to express their personalities and for you to show the world the nature of your business and what it stands for. Attract attention away from your competitors with a set of professional headshots that engage your potential customers and draw them in.

There are several types of headshot photography, including:

  • Corporate headshots: These are typically taken for business professionals and are used on company websites, social media profiles, and other business-related materials.

  • Acting headshots: These are taken for actors and are used to promote their careers and help them land roles.

  • Modeling headshots: These are taken for models and are used to promote their careers and help them land modeling gigs.

  • Social Media Headshots: These are taken for personal use and are used on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • Professional headshots: These are taken for professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers and others to showcase on their professional website or linkedin profile.

  • Environmental headshots: These are taken on location and are used to give a sense of the person's work environment or personal style.

  • Digital headshots: These are taken for online use, such as for dating websites or virtual job interviews.

  • Beauty headshot: these are taken for makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion designer and other beauty industry related profession.


Why chose us?

No fuss - we come to you! No organising away days at a studio! Just allocate 1 hour when all staff are available and we will come to you. We’ll set up in a quiet corner of your office or workplace.

All done in less than an hour - no waiting or hanging around. We work quickly and professionally.

Nothing to organise from your end. Just book a slot and let us do our thing!

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