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Top ten questions you need to ask a wedding photographer before booking

  1. What is your style of photography? It's important to know what style of photography the photographer specialises in, whether it's traditional, photojournalistic, or a mix of styles. This will ensure that their approach to your wedding aligns with your preferences.

  2. Can we see a portfolio of your work? A portfolio is a great way to see the photographer's work and get a sense of their style and the quality of their work. It's also a good opportunity to discuss specific shots you would like to capture on your wedding day.

  3. Are you available on our wedding date? Confirming the photographer's availability on your wedding date is essential to ensure that you will have the photographer you want on your big day.

  4. How many hours of coverage do you provide? Knowing how many hours of coverage the photographer provides will help you plan the schedule for your wedding day and ensure that all of the important moments are captured.

  5. Do you have backup equipment in case of technical issues? It's important to know that the photographer has backup equipment in case of any technical issues on your wedding day. This will ensure that the photographer will be able to continue working and capturing the important moments of your wedding.

  6. How do you handle difficult lighting situations? Different lighting situations can greatly affect the quality of the photos, it is important to know how the photographer will handle difficult lighting situations and make sure they have the necessary equipment and skills to handle them.

  7. How long after the wedding will our photos be ready? Knowing how long it will take to receive your photos after the wedding will help you plan when to share them with friends and family and order any prints or albums.

  8. Will you be the primary photographer at our wedding or will there be a second shooter? Knowing whether you will be working with one or more photographers will help you plan the schedule for your wedding day and ensure that all of the important moments are captured.

  9. Do you charge extra for travel? If your wedding is in a location that requires travel, it's important to confirm whether the photographer charges extra for travel and how that cost is calculated.

  10. Do you offer any wedding album or print package options? Knowing what print and album options are available and the cost of these options will help you budget for them and ensure that you have a lasting record of your wedding day.

So get in touch with any questions you might have. We'll be happy to have a chat about your wedding photography requirements.

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