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Reasonably priced wedding photography

Hi there! Looking for a wedding photographer? Don't want to break the bank? That's exactly why Danielle & Adam chose us for their wedding at Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield back in June of this year.

With the average cost of a wedding photographer being quoted as between £1,300-£1,500 we are fully aware that not all couples have that much to spend. Our packages start from as little as £550 for our 'intimate' package, and go up £1,600 for our 'ultimate' package.

We use three main types of photography to capture your day: formal, creative and 'candid'. Formal - so you can have as many group and family photos as you want; Creative - we like to add a little magic! and 'candid' - those fleeting moments of emotion that make up your special day.

We will typically deliver anything between 300-500 photos of your wedding, depending on the length of the day and how many guests you have. We will always have a chat with you before your day to get an idea of your needs.

And above all - we're friendly! So don't be shy - get in touch!

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